Folk Dance Journey Around the World

Take a journey to different continents and explore what makes dance unique to different cultures, people, and places.  The “journey” involves student participation throughout, colorful costumes, lively music, puppets, and more.  Follow maps of the world that help to create geography connections for students. The dances demonstrate cultural traditions from around the globe. This performance is a wonderful assembly to be included in a school’s International Day Celebration.

Pre-K to Grade 8


An American Dance Discovery

“Immigrants” from the British Isles begin the performance with three dances from Scotland, England and Ireland. Students will then be invited onstage to share in an English Country Dance and a Maypole Dance to “welcome spring.”  With full the audience participating, the children learn African dance traditions and how they infuse with 19th Century European dances to become historical American dances like the Cake Walk and the Charleston.  This performance includes props, instruments and colorful costumes and serves as an arts integrated lesson for social studies units about Immigration or American History.

Pre-K to Grade 8


Stories to Stage

Classic Children’s Books Brought to Life Onstage!

Choose from two story options:

  • Relive the timeless story of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are as this contemporary version shows “Maxine” arguing with her mother about her messy room then sailing off to dance with wild things to create a “rumpus” through improvisational dance.  Students’ are delighted with the story told by the dancers on stage. The experience includes props, instruments, and colorful costumes that fill the senses and stimulate the imagination!
  • Ezra Jack Keats’ book, The Snowy Day, encourages young students to create in their minds the magic of snow through actions of the characters, the setting/props, and movement. Dance with Peter by making a snowstorm with white chiffon fabric, build a snowman, and throw gigantic snowballs.  Students discover expressive movement through the characters, emotions, and narrative. *New performance Summer 2017

Pre-K to Grade 3



  •  Choreography Workshop

Improvise, choose music and combine movement through the study of the Elements of Dance, (Body, Space, Time and Energy). Each dancer will create an original dance through the understanding of theme, variation, form, canon, motif, repetition, balance, contrast, unity, and sequence.

  • Math Within the Dance Workshop

Students use math concepts to choreograph movement in an open space.  Investigate how all dance includes symmetry, shapes, angles, line, numbers, series, patterns, repetition, addition, multiplication, division, fractions, etc.  By reinforcing math concepts with kinesthetic learning a student will never forget the basics!

K to Grade 12



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